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We create excellently designed and efficient solutions for your business, Our large and diversified team specializes in React, React Native, Flutter, NodeJS, TypeScript, Rust, Solidity, and Web3 – leading-edge technologies for building best-in-class solutions.

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DailyCode Software development and consulting Agency

DailyCode is a software development and consulting agency based in the UK. By bringing together world-class computer scientists and software engineers, we are able to build and deliver high-performing software to clients all over the globe in various industries, including finance, government, blockchain, software as a service, cyber security, and e-commerce.

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custom & scalable Software and technology solutions

We provide our services to all sizes of businesses, from small startups and projects to large and complicated ones, Thanks to our diversified team, we will find a solution that fits your needs, budget, and principles.

CTO as a Service

Don’t have a technical co-founder yet? Need to jump start your MVP to get ahead of your next funding round? We have the experience you need.

Product Development

Need to ship world-class software? We can be your product team or we can augment your existing team, helping you hit launch goals without compromise.

Consulting and Advising

Need help navigating technical decisions, defining and implementing processes, or migrating to modern technology? We can help.

Smart Contract Audits

Security is critical in the blockchain space. Our comprehensive smart contract audit service helps everyone from small startups to enterprises launch and maintain their blockchain applications


Featured work

We are proud of all our work

WAAS or Wallet As A Service is a backend as a service that provides multi-chain Crypto on-boarding/off-boarding and Crypto payment gateway at a competitive price.
Rocket Wealth Fund
Crypto investment fund platform
Micro municipal bonds Issuance service, build on Near Network.
Factory flour management System.

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